Consumer Protection

Competition and Consumer Protection

One of the important functions of Government is to create an enabling environment in which enterprises operate. Clear policies and legislation have to be put in place to foster a competitive environment for business enterprises, thereby increasing efficiency in the economy to the ultimate benefit of both consumers and producers.
As economies move progressively towards increased liberalization, certain undesirable business practices can emerge which act as a hindrance to development and economic growth. The presence of a competition and consumer laws in Kenya has created opportunities for some sectors of the business community to engage in fair business practices.

Competition policy aims to promote fair competition; its purpose is not to condemn or penalize those industries in Rwanda that have large shares of the market. Large and strong companies can enjoy economies of scale that enable them to minimize costs and withstand both domestic and foreign competition.
CGA aim to ensure that consumers are adequately protected from firms, whether large or small, which engage in collusion that is designed to prevent competition.