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26 Feb: Modern Issues affecting Consumers

Over the past decades, poor quality of goods and services has been a major issue that has been raised by…


15 Jan: Mbagathi River Clean Up

The Mbagathi River clean up exercise will be done every Sunday from 8:30am to 11:30am. The project sought to improve the lifeline of the river as it will include rehabilitating and beautifying the cleaned area.


20 Sep: National Consumer Registration Drive

Everybody is a consumer, yes everybody! Even the producers consume, most consumers do consume by faith, they are reluctant to…


24 Jun: Food Waste In Kenya

It is important therefore to ensure that we should consume enough to avoid waste. This saves us money and other resources that can be used in the future.

18 Jun: How safe is your milk?

Imported powder milk It’s reported that some imported milk powder contains adulterants such as melamine and radioactive materials that end up in local supermarkets for consumption.