Modern Issues affecting Consumers

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Over the past decades, poor quality of goods and services has been a major issue that has been raised by consumers who tend to either be content or discontented with whatever they get in the market. Unfortunately they fail to address issues due to the sum of money used.

Consumers doing online transactions tend to access new markets and variety of goods. However, there have been complaints on quality and prices of online products. Consumers find it hard to trust online traders due to numerous complaints reported. The sad thing is that they lack mechanism to address their concerns. The online scam has led to a decline on online sales.  

Another area that is of concern is the numerous payment systems that are not easy for consumers to adapt. Different firms have different payment systems built upon different technological infrastructures. It is upon the consumer to decide on what payment system is suitable for them. This decision tends to be built upon various situational factors, such as, the consumer’s financial position, the nature of the transactions as well as the convenience of the payment system. Thus, consumers tend to make irrational decisions, upon choosing a particular payment system.

Misinterpretation of the product price and the quality amongst consumers is a common occurrence whereby consumers can have struggles in establishing whether they are receiving value for money. Most consumers feel that they have been misinformed concerning the endorsed retail price of goods and the related sales discount been publicized by the sellers. Moreover, consumers have faced disappointments when the goods do not meet their expectations. The goods may be counterfeit or fail to meet the quality expectations of the consumers, this experience can diminish the confidence of the consumer in marketplaces and can make them to query on whether they are making the right choice with the existing information.

Every day, consumers have a tendency of purchasing their goods and services amidst  sophisticated marketing techniques whereby,  online traders have developed some marketing techniques that have made consumers make spontaneous purchases. pressurized towards making a quick purchase before completing their due diligence they might otherwise have carried out. Hence, this leads to consumers having a difficulty to make a verification on the accuracy of the representations.

Lastly, most consumers tend to be confused or misled about who is responsible when a situation goes wrong. This indicates that consumers are not sure about obligation rights and responsibilities. However, lack of clarity on platforms such uber on whether providers act as a private person or as a business creates confusion on whether consumers right apply or not.

 In conclusion, most consumers have shifted to being business owners or regulated businesses thus benefiting from commerce and are better off when the markets work well and they are able to participate with more confidence.

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