National Consumer Registration Drive

Everybody is a consumer, yes everybody! Even the producers consume, most consumers do consume by faith, they are reluctant to ask some of the most uncomfortable questions about the goods and services they receive. Most of us think that when we get poor services or buy substandard products, then it is us to deal with the aftermath, we even don’t let the retailer know that their products were faulty, we just cut the links with concerned retailer.

This attitude has led let to the strip of recklessness among the retailers, they have built a lucrative business around our lack of information on how to handle such cases.

We often ask these intriguing questions, how do I know a good product? When I buy a product without a warrant and I realize that it is faulty, can I still follow it up with retailer and how? Do I have a right as a consumer? How can I know such rights? With the doubts in the genuinity of the products we consume, how do I know that what I consume is safe.

It is because of such questions that the CONSUMER GRASSROOTS ASSOCIATION is conducting a National Consumer Registration Drive under the Theme of `Enhancing consumerism for Efficient Service Delivery’

The National Consumer Registration drive target everybody who is a consumer of any kind of goods and services. It doesn’t matter where you get your goods from; be it at supermarket, Mama mboga, online services, school, hospital, any avenues.

Its will be also a wonderful point of interaction between the retailers and consumers, this will enhance better understandings on the market needs, consumers frustrations, retailers concern, and collective collaboration on the way forward.

Its very important to register as a consumer to enable us plan to address the issues that are raised above, to enable us help you answer the concerns and to walk with you hand in hand in ensuring that you get good and services that are safe, genuine and worth your struggles.

We can break the barriers to efficient costumer service delivery and enhance great collaboration, through registrations, it will be easy for us to know the area that needs urgent address, we will help you go to spaces that looks impossible, it’s easier to advice the government of the laws that are needed indifferent fields for improvement of products when there is great will among the consumers.

Our sensitization and consumer training programs will be very effective when we do it in a structured way, that can only be possible when all the consumer come out and register.

Our daily interaction is based on service and products delivery, it defines every aspects of lives and we all deserve the best. Retailers needs to know how we feel, we need to know how they feel. When we register we start to talk with one onother!

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