National Consumer Registration Drive

Everybody is a consumer, yes everybody! Even the producers do consume goods and services. It is unfortunate that  most consumers do things by faith fearing to ask uncomfortable questions about the goods and services they receive. The gentleman behavior has affected consumers so much that they bear the pain/consequences of their silence without trace some even turn out to be toxic to their health. Consumers quite often don’t let the retailer know that their products were faulty, the worst they can do is to cut links with the said retailer or service provider.

The attitude has led to the aspects of recklessness among the retailers or service providers. They have built  a lucrative business around our lack of information or fear to be labeled  “uncivilized” people in the society.

Frequently asked questions. 

We often ask these intriguing questions, how do I know a good product? When I buy a product without a warrant and I realize that it is faulty, can I still follow it up with retailer and how? Do I have a right as a consumer? How can I know such rights? With the doubts in the genuinity of the products we consume, how do I know that what I consume is safe.

It is because of such questions that the CONSUMER GRASSROOTS ASSOCIATION is conducting a National Consumer Registration Drive under the Theme of `Enhancing Consumer awareness for Efficient Service Delivery’

The National Consumer Registration drive is targeting consumers from all walks of life, regardless of where they get their goods and services from: be it at supermarket, Mama mboga, online services, school, hospital, transport services and many more.

Consumer Registration drive will offer an opportunity for consumers to connect with service providers and enhance better understanding of market needs, consumers needs/frustrations, retailers concern, and collective collaboration on the way forward.

Its very important to become members of Consumer Grassroots Association to enable us address the issues raised above and identify other areas that need urgent attention/intervention,  help you address your individual concerns and  walk with you hand in hand in ensuring that you get what you deserve and advice government on your behalf on laws that will guarantee consume protection.

Being a member of CGA will give help us plan for our trainings and grassroots sensitization to achieve our empowerment goals. This can only be possible if you become members.

Our  business is to protect you in all aspects of life. We care for you and when you become a member, we begin the journey of consumer protection as a team. When we register we start to talking with one another!

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